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Study Shows Children Actively Hear Nonsense Words During Naptime – 0.9 weeks ago

Of all of our senses, hearing is the only one that has long been suspected as being “on” all the time — even in our sleep. Sounds that occur during the night have a way of…

Scientists Test New Therapy for Hearing Loss – Tue, Oct 23rd 2018

Approximately 25 percent of the United States population between ages 55 and 64 have some degree of hearing loss, according to the Mayo Clinic. About 2-3 of every 1,000 U.S….

Research Shows Behavioral Therapy Crucial in Tinnitus Treatment – Tue, Oct 16th 2018

New UK research has found that a new mindfulness-based approach to tinnitus could transform the treatment of the condition.
Published in the journals Ear and…

Study Examines SNHL Treatment Using Umbilical Cord Blood – Tue, Oct 9th 2018

CBR® (Cord Blood Registry®), the world’s largest newborn stem cell company, has announced the publication of the results of the first clinical trial evaluating the…

Oxygen Therapy May Help Sudden Hearing Loss – Tue, Oct 2nd 2018

Viruses and blood flow issues can, in rare cases, trigger sudden and profound hearing loss. Now, South Korean research supports the use of hyperbaric oxygen treatments to restore…

Study Shows Healthy Diet May Reduce Hearing Loss Risk in Women – Tue, Sep 18th 2018

A healthy diet may do more for your body than just help you lose weight. A new study has suggested that it might just help reduce risks of hearing impairment as well. The study…

Could Overactive Nerves Cause Tinnitus? – Tue, Sep 18th 2018

Do your ears ring after a loud concert? Nerves that sense touch in your face and neck may be behind the racket in your brain, University of Michigan researchers…

Google Seeks to Make Android More Hearing Aid Friendly – Tue, Sep 11th 2018

GN Hearing and Google have today announced a new technology partnership that will make GN Hearing the first manufacturer to enable a full spectrum of direct audio streaming from…

More Baby Boomers Getting Diagnosed with Hearing Loss – Tue, Sep 4th 2018

Hearing loss is the third most common chronic physical condition impacting people in the United States today. One in every three people 65 years of age and one in…

Study Shows Older Construction Workers at Greater Risk for Hearing Loss – Tue, Aug 21st 2018

More than half of former construction workers have experienced hearing loss, and certain factors can exacerbate the condition, according to a recent study by the Center for…